Sep 16, 2004

Indult for 1962 Roman Rite

Quattor Abhinc Annos,Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, October 3, 1984:

The link above will give you the full text. The pertinent text is below:

"Since, however, the same problem continues, the Supreme Pontiff, in a desire to meet the wishes of these groups, grants to diocesan bishops the possibility of using an indult whereby priests and faithful, who shall be expressly indicated in the letter of request to be presented to their own bishop, may be able to celebrate Mass by using the Roman Missal according to the 1962 edition, but under the following conditions:

a) That it be made publically clear beyond all ambiguity that such priests and their respective faithful in no way share the positions of those who call in question the legitimacy and doctrinal exactitude of the Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1970.

b) Such celebration must be made only for the benefit of those groups that request it; in churches and oratories indicated by the bishop (not, however, in parish churches, unless the bishop permits it in extraordinary cases); and on the days and under the conditions fixed by the bishop either habitually or in individual cases."

According to the above text, the Supreme Pontiff has placed certain restrictions upon the use of the Indult, and only provides for it's possibility which rests upon the decision of the diocesan bishop.

Ecclesia Dei - Pope John Paul II, Motu Proprio, July 2, 1988

"c) moreover, respect must everywhere be shown for the feelings of all those who are attached to the Latin liturgical tradition, by a wide and generous application of the directives already issued some time ago by the Apostolic See for the use of the Roman Missal according to the typical edition of 1962."

Ecclesia Dei exhorts a wide and generous application of the directive already issued (i.e. Quattuor Abhinc Annos) for the use of the Roman Missal according to the typical edition of 1962.

Therefore it is clearly manifest that permission from the diocesan bishop is absolutely mandatory according to current ecclesiatical law for the licit celebration of Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal. As such, no priest has the right to celebrate according to the 1962 Missal without the permission of the diocesan bishop. All celebrations of the Missal of 1962 not in accord with these directives are illicit (illegal) if obstinate, done without dispensation from the above, and further more are an occasion of sin for the Priest who so celebrates.

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