Jun 15, 2006

New English Translation For The Order Of The Mass

"On the vote for the translation of the Missale Romanum, the ayes were 173, the nays 29.

On the adaptations to the Missale Romanum for the United States, the ayes were 184, the nays 8.

Needing 168 votes to pass, the translation has passed" Whispers in the Loggia by Rocco Palma. (See also the Associated Press release here. )

This is extremely good news. The next step is recognitio. It's up in the air on whether the new translation, once it receives recognitio from Rome, would be put into use immediately or await the approval and recognitio for the new translation of the rest of the Roman Missal. The approval today was garnered for the Ordinary of the Mass alone. The process of recognitio could take some time, but then this also depends on whether the translation as such is in accord with Vatican guidlines such as Liturgiam Authenticam. Even if recognitio from Rome comes rather quickly the Bishops may not put it into place until the entire Roman Missal is approved, in which case we could still be several years away from an accurate and faithful translation. We'll also have to wait and see what it is that actually was approved, since there were some 60 changes approved as well.

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

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