Feb 12, 2005


I'll be changing the name of this blog to www.sanctamliturgiam.blogspot.com by the end of the week

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cherished said...

Keith, wow! love your site, i'll need to print it and add it to my notebook for our Latin class. i am honored to be in a place where i share a portion of your journey. may the Lord bless you with the fullness of that which you pray for, let your life lead others to Christ. I thank God that somehow i am in the Latin class with Dr. Zoritas. God is Good and in Him all things work for the good to those who love hin and are called to His purpose. PS i studied quantum physics as well amd still do for therein lies the connection and conjugation and mystery between/about science and religion. did you, by any chance, happen to see an obscure film ( the title escapes me) about the hypothetical meeting of marilyn monroe and albert einstein circa 1990s'? Anyway, I will/am praying for you, for your calling, for the Lord to be everpresent in your life and in your dreams. Peace be with you,Cheryl