Nov 3, 2004

Rubrics for Holy Communion during Mass

Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, July 26, 1960, AAS 52, 596: Promulgation of the New Rubrical Code.
Motu proprio Rubricarum instructum, Pope John XXIII, July 25, 1960 (Novum rubricarum breviarii et missalis romani corpus approbatur, AAS 52, 593-595)

Part 3, Chapter 8, I. 502-503:

502. The proper time for distributing holy communion to the faithful is within the Mass, after the communion of the celebrating priest, who himself distributes it to those who seek it, unless it is appropriate by reason of the great number of communicants that he be helped by another priest or priests.
It is altogether improper, however, that holy communion be distributed by another priest, outside of the proper time of communion, at the same altar at which Mass is being celebrated.
On the other hand, it is also permissible for a good reason to distribute holy communion immediately before or after Mass, or even outside of the time of Mass. In such cases the form prescribed in the Roman ritual [Rituale Romanum], tit. 5, ch. 2, nos 1-10, is used.

503. Whenever holy communion is distributed within the Mass, when the celebrant has consumed the most sacred Blood, the Confiteor and the absolution [Misereatur et Indulgentiam] are omitted, but the celebrant says the Ecce Agnus Dei and says the Domine, non sum dignus three times, and then proceeds immediately to the distribution of the holy Eucharist.

Source: The New Liturgy: A Documentation 1903 to 1965, R. Kevin Seasoltz, 1966, Herder and Herder New York 16, N.Y.

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